Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm not sure..

Until now, I still do not have the answer
whether I will stay in Lumut or just go back to Teluk Intan..
A lot of things need to be consider..
Sometimes, I really want to stay and work here
before continuing my degree,
really love to be here sometimes,
people here make me really hard to leave Lumut..
All the memory here also make me think
better to stay a little bit longer to keep
that memory near me for a while and will be
start missing that later on..
The easy access of many things also make the reason
to stay here become stronger and the people
I know here also one of the strongest things make me want to stay..

Besides that, I love to to be near the sea..
To feel the sea breeze, the environment,
I really feel calm to be near the sea..
I will share my pain, my happiness with it..
I have nobody that I trust here, so the solution
I'm just share my feeling with sea..
The sea is my really close friend here...
The job that waiting for me make me want to stay also
because I know it is hard to have job nowadays..

A few week ago, I have decided to stay here in Lumut,
to accept the work, but today I feel like I want to change my mind..
Feel like, I don't belong here..
Nobody care if I'm around or not..
So I will just go back to Teluk Intan,
to the place I've belong..
The place that people will accept me no matter I've done
wrong or not..

To wish something that is impossible is only making
my heart hurt.. Now I finally know what is the
truth about that wish, It is rubbish...
I know it is impossible but why I'm still wish that will happen..
What it is important now, I want to be away
from the people that I know here..
They just taking advantage to me..

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