Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My heart..

Saya baru balik dari bercuti dengan kawan-kawan di
Pulau Pangkor.. Saya, Ain, Fauzan and Daus..
Thanks sangat for Ain yang sanggup datang dari Kajang
semata-mata nak join pergi hang out kat Pangkor..
Gi snorkeling dekat Pulau Giam.. Nice to be there.. 

But actually these few days I am down...
Banyak benda disekeliling yang buat saya down..
But its hard to share with someone sebab
Hard to find a good friend to have a talk without
being insult by them..
Luckly I have them, my BFF that always there
for me to share my problem..Thanks guys..^__^

To the person that never failed to be by myside,
thanks so much..
I know that saya dah banyak susahkan awak
dan sakitkan hati awak dengan kata-kata
saya but you always there without 1 inch
away from me...
How lucky I am..
Thanks for make me feel that I am not alone
when I am in trouble and need helps..
I will do the same for you..^__^

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