Friday, April 15, 2011

Little tears..

These tears fall down my cheeks,
As they drown out upon my pillow.
With so much pain to wash away,
And so many tears left to grow.

These tears could build a waterfall,
As they always shape and form.
You're supposed to stop crying,
On the day that you're born.

These tears are mine especially,
As they've left another pretty stain.
Wish I could dust upon the skies,
To stop this never ending rain.

These tears seem to hit me most,
As they fall upon my broken heart.
Never washing the cuts on my arms,
Always leaving me too fall apart.

But these tears are a reminder,
To show me the places I have been.
Little miracles are kept inside my tears,
To prove how strong I am ...

From all the things I've seen. 

melalui hari-hari yang sukar sejak akhir-akhir ni..
so entry pun cam ni jela...sorry readers..

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