Thursday, April 21, 2011

What a women want from men...

So what do women really want from their man?

The top 6 things women want FROM MEN, in order, are:
1. Women want men who exhibit confidence (or power)
2. Women want men with a sense of humor (fun)
3. Women want men with money or the things money can buy (sense of security)
4. Women want men with looks (protection and attraction)
5. Women want men with a bit of "Bad boy" qualities (mysterious and independent/strong)
6. Women want all the other stuff they typically list (varies - sensitive, caring, etc.)

However, in interviewing countless women, and receiving numerous pointers from women (after all, I AM a MAN!) I must say that there is an expanded list for us guys to get familiar with, according to women. So, what is the expanded list? Men can get what they want from women much more frequently when they approach women with a few simple - yet effective - guidelines:

1.  Women want a man to be confident!  Confidence is the number one quality women look for.  Don't be wimpy.  Don't apologize for everything.  Be real. Be you.

2.  Women want a man who makes her feel like she's the only one. Women go nuts over a man who will go the extra mile.  For example, he opens the door for her, he walks on the right side of the street, he helps her shop.  I'm talking about being a GENTLEMAN!  If she is cold, offer her your jacket.  If she is in trouble, protect her.  If there is danger, put your arm around her.  Be a real man.

3.  Women want a man with a sense of humor.  A woman will almost always love a man who can make her laugh.  If you are dull, you are boring.  If you make a woman laugh, you're halfway home.  Take a chance, be real funny.

4.  Women want a man to listen to them (yes, even to the gripes and details of all the craziness) and not necessarily give advice.  Many women love to complain about their problems; however, they complain not to receive advice, but merely to sound off.  I know it's hard to nod and be supportive, because you want to watch ESPN or do something that to you may seem more exciting, but the fact is, your woman will go to the ends of the earth to love you when you truly listen to them and acknowledge their needs. You need to understand that women need to VENT.  Allow her this, and she'll allow you in.  Nod. Get involved and provide active listening feedback.  Be truly interested in what she is saying without worrying about what you're going to say next. Then, watch what happens as your woman opens up to you more.

Women want men to listen to them, because they have a need to be  heard.  And, women want their man to express his feelings and trust her with his intimate side.  Real listening, with real intimacy, is rare.  Real listening is suspending thinking about what to say and being deeply engaged in what she is talking about.  Listening requires actively paying attention -- shutting off the chatter mind.

5.  Women want men to treat them like they are the sexiest woman on the planet and that no other woman compares.  Talking about your ex-girlfriends is not going to score big points with your new woman.  Treating her like she's the ONLY one will make her smile for quite a while.

6.  Women want loyal men. Women want to know you will be faithful.  Don't tell a woman how you cheated on your ex.  It won't make her think you are wise, loyal, or trustworthy.  I'm not saying to lie to her -- just don't go there. Don't cheat on your woman.  She will not think you are a better man for doing this.  Just like you want think you are the only man she's ever loved, well, that's the thing she wants, too. The key to faithfulness comes from your own inner character. Be a man of character and you will reap a relationship built upon trust. You gain respect through consistent committed action. Respect backed up by love builds trust, trust builds a strong relationship that can stand the tests of life and time. 

7.   Women SAY they want a sensitive man.  Truth is, if you go around apologizing all the time and crying frequently then a woman will abuse you.  Trust me, it is NOT wise to do.  Being overly sensitive is a quick way to get shown the door.  It is important to strike a balance.  Be strong, be there, yet share your emotions. Speak up and be real. Let them know you care.  But don't be a sissy.

Women say they want to be treated like an equal.  This is not true.  Women want to be treated like a WOMAN.  Not like a man.  If she wanted to be with a woman, she'd do that.  She wants to be with YOU.  Therefore, be a MAN.  This is not to be confused with being treated like a piece of property, not to be confused with being treated with disrespect.  Women want to be respected!  A woman wants to be respected for being feminine, being a woman.  Women are quite different from men.  A man who takes the time to understand the difference is a wise man. Bottom line here: NO MORE Mr. NICE GUY. Be a REAL MAN, not a sensitive NICE GUY. Because the nice guys usually do finish last. 

You still don't get it? Ok, then try this: be your own bad self. I will say that some women are attracted to "Bad Boys".  I think there is a certain ruggedness to the bad boy - they break rules, they sometimes behave rudely.  But the true gentleman always remembers what matters most.  Have an air of mystique, but definitely be you.  If, on occasion, that means doing what you want, rather than what she wants, then do it.  Just don't make a continual habit of it - that's rude.

8.  Women LOVE a man with a plan.  Women love men with ambition.  Men who know who they are, what we're doing tonight, and what we're doing with our life.  If you don't have a plan, get one.  I have a plan (a) and plan (b) ready at all times, so that no matter what, it will appear I'm fairly spontaneous, but reality is I usually know where, when, and how the evening or date could go. In dating, it is extremely important that you have a plan when you ask a woman out. They will judge your sense of confidence by how well you have thought out where you will take her and what you will do together. So, think ahead, have a plan, then work that plan. While you're at it make sure you have an alternative plan, too, in case she doesn't like the first one!

9.  Women want generous men. Don't be a tight-wad. Give the woman in your life gifts. 

Now, "why," you ask, "do women care about gifts?" Good question. The answer is that one way women relate is through giving gifts - especially when you've paid attention to what they want. Women will gift exchange compliments with each other, too. So just trust me and surprise her with a gift every now and then and see if she doesn't respond favorably.

10.  Be a true friend. LISTEN TO HER. Let her share her good times and problems with you.  Be there, rather than just promising to be there. Consistent committed positive action is a definition of love. How do you show you are a friend? Are you there when it matters most? Are you there for the small stuff, too?

11.  Women want to be loved, despite their flaws, and need to be satisfied mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as much as physically. Unconditional love would be ideal love.  How can you love a woman without judgment, conditions, or rules?  How would you like to be loved?  

Women want men to be their lover instead of obsessing over their body to just get sex. Rather than treat women as sex objects, treat them as someone to relate with; in other words, a real person! That means taking your time, showing extra attention, and being tender in ways with her to let her know she is special.

12.  Women appreciate a man who is creative.  Roses are nice.  But sometimes it is extra special to think of something that most guys wouldn't do for a woman.  It could be something frivolous, but if it is something that you think SHE would like, then why not do it?  You might have just made her day.

13.  Women want men who offer a sense of security, to know that her partner will be there if she becomes sick or when she grows old or flabby.  Giving a woman security is being there through emotional and physical support.  An example might be if she has to have surgery.  Take the day off and be there for her, hold her hand, and give your full support to her. In other words, postpone that "tee time"! Security comes from trust. Again, this is about being able to rely in your strength of character.

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>Misz Farah..?< said...

in my imagination, i want to have a boyfriend who can give me a bunch of flower and cadbury black forest chocolate and surprise me with it. but somehow that just only in my imagination.

di dunia yang nyata saya nak lelaki yang mampu membawa saya menjadi seorang yang solehah.. insyaAllah.. =)

salam sayang~..

miera azzudin said...

for sure..
it is a women dream fera..
but what i have mention above is the characteristics what a good guy should have to became a good leader for us...:)